Taylor Stein

New York: Battery Park - Pier 25, New York: Battery Park - West Thames Park, New York: Central Park, New York: Central Park - Upper East Side, New York: Fort Greene Park, New York: New York Prospect Park

Kids: No kids of my own but 7 nephews and 2 nieces! Love their energy spirit and always happy to spend time with them so that their parents can focus on themselves; being able to facilitate self-care by exercising with NYC’s mothers and moms-to-be is really special!


Passion: Preparing delicious and healthy food to share with loved ones (including oneself)! Food is so central to every person’s life; it’s my passion to help others find health and balance in their lives, all starting with their relationship with food and how to nurture one’s body!


Job: Educator for afterschool cooking classes and a nutrition student (studying to become a Registered Dietitian).


Favorite sport: Love to watch tennis and volleyball!


Sport goals: I really enjoy weightlifting and strength training; from workout to workout, my goals are to connect my mind and body and push myself to work hard each time I enter the gym!


Guilty pleasure: Freshly made tortilla chips with loads of guacamole!

Leighann Santaniello
Leighann Santaniello
KIDS: Elise Mae, 7 weeks old (November 2017) PASSION: Health and Wellness are truly my passion. It is inspiring to see someone take control of their health, body and mind. It is amazing what we [..]

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Sarah Kostyukovsky
Sarah Kostyukovsky
Kids: proud Mama of Leo (born November 2017) Passion: I studied physical therapy at Columbia University and graduated in 2011. I have found my passion in women’s health with an interest in [..]

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Sarah Britt-Dowd
Sarah Britt-Dowd
KIDS: Currently pregnant with my first child - due end of February 2018 (on my birthday!).  Very excited to become a mom and start this new chapter in my life. PASSION: Teaching- [..]

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Rachel Pogrow
Rachel Pogrow
Kids: I have an adorable daughter who was born in February 2017 Passion: Helping others feel good about themselves by teaching how to lead a healthy, active lifestyle. It’s amazing what [..]

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