Rachel Pogrow

New York: Central Park, New York: Central Park - Upper East Side

Kids: I have an adorable daughter who was born in February 2017 

Passion: Helping others feel good about themselves by teaching how to lead a healthy, active lifestyle. It’s amazing what the body can do and I love seeing clients become a stronger, better version of themselves 

Job: Personal Trainer 

Favorite Sport: I grew up playing tennis and hope to get back into playing it one day! 

Sports goals: Currently just focusing on my general fitness, feeling healthy, conditioned and strong 

Guilty pleasure: I don’t actually feel so guilty about it.... ice cream and The Bachelor/Bachelorette!
Sarah Britt-Dowd
Sarah Britt-Dowd
KIDS: Currently pregnant with my first child - due end of February 2018 (on my birthday!).  Very excited to become a mom and start this new chapter in my life. PASSION: Teaching- [..]

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Verena Schiml
Verena Schiml
Hi, my name is Verena and I am the founder of Mom in Balance New York!  I am German and lived in the Netherlands for the last 6 years with my husband and two sons Frederik (2009) and [..]

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Lara Feoktistoff
Lara Feoktistoff
Kids:No kids, but I absolutely adore my twin nephews. Spending time with them brings me so much joy. I also see difficulty of finding me time for mothers. That's why I want to be able to [..]

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