Leighann Santaniello

New York: Battery Park - Pier 25, New York: New York Prospect Park

KIDS: Elise Mae, 7 weeks old (November 2017)

PASSION: Health and Wellness are truly my passion. It is inspiring to see someone take control of their health, body and mind. It is amazing what we can accomplish when we set our minds to do it! 

JOB: Holistic Health and Wellness Coach

FAVORITE SPORT: Crossfit and running

SPORT GOALS: My first goal is to get back to previous shape before pregnancy safely while giving my body time to properly heal by using Mom in Balance Back in Shape workouts! I then plan to take my fitness to the next level by getting back to running and participating in more road races. I want to increase my skill and weight lifting in CrossFit as well. I also love to run obstacle course races, they are so fun and challenging and can really mix up a workout routine when you are looking for something new! 

GUILTY PLEASURE: Dwayne "the rock" Johnson Movies and... ice cream

Emma Simon
Emma Simon
KIDS: No children, but a group of about 27 theater students who have become my "kids." PASSION: I love to teach and share things that I love with others. Specifically, teaching theater arts to my [..]

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Verena Schiml
Verena Schiml
Hi, my name is Verena and I am the founder of Mom in Balance New York!  I am German and lived in the Netherlands for the last 6 years with my husband and two sons Frederik (2009) and [..]

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Aynsley Kirshenbaum
Aynsley Kirshenbaum
KIDS: Eliza born 2012 and Lucy born 2016 PASSION: Food! I have my MS in nutrition and love working with my clients to find delicious foods that fuel their bodies and help them feel [..]

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