Summer Holiday Schedule

Summer Holiday Schedule

Find out everything you want to know about the classes during the Summer months. Please read carefully!
Holiday season has started in NY already. And of course we are training in the summer as well! As our members and wonderful trainers are also travelling these months we have 2 weeks where Mom in Balance is closed, but the rest of the summer we are here for you, but we've adjusted the schedule a bit.

Please have a look here when and if your workout is taking place.  Especially pay attention to the times as groups have been combined so the starting time might have changed. 

Of course you can always come to any other location to do a make up class for your own workout. Just use the app to de-register and book a new class. Please note, on the app the workout might still be there.The schedule hast send to you via email and is published here on our website is the only right one!

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