Breastfeeding and Exercise

Breastfeeding and Exercise

Did you just gave birth and do you breastfeed and not sure if breastfeeding and exercise go well together?

Research shows, that there is no difference in milk production from moms who exercise and moms who don't! Exercise and breastfeeding is not a problem at all, furthermore it's good for you and your baby!

The better your circulation is, the better is your milkproduction. And exercise is causing a good blood circulation. You don't have to be afraid, that your milkproduction decreases if you exercise. Also, there is no influence of the quality of your breastmelk when exercising. 


Very important is an excellent sports bra with maximun support. You can also wear 2 sport bra's above each other if you feel you need more support. And remember, happy mum = happy baby, so let's move if you feel like it!

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