Mom in Balance Running Clinics

Mom in Balance Running Clinics

20/01/18 09:30 till
13/03/18 19:45
New Year - New Goals! How about getting back or getting better with running! We love running and that's why we are organizing specially for our moms and their friends, The Mom in Balance running clinics! It is suitable for all moms, experienced and beginners, who want to get back into running as well as for those who are training for a running event, either it's a 5k, 10k or a half marathon in the spring. We also organize, some runs in the spring, where we start with a team from Mom in Balance!

Lern more about running, improve your technique and get tips for race day. The class will be held from the certified running coach Katherine Dugan, who regularly participates in Triathlons and Marathons herself. She is also a mom of 3 year old twins. The clinics provide 3 classes and you have to sign up the 3 classes, because they are build upon each other

The price is 30$ for the 3 classes. You reserve your spot, when buying your ticket via eventbrite, you have to choose one date and than you are automatically registered for all 3 classes.

Here is the program:

Saturday 1/20, 9:30 am: Learn effective running form, active stretching to warmup before each training session, and strategies for faster recovery after workouts. During this workout, we'll warm up and complete an easy run together.

Saturday 2/03, 9:30am: Learn to structure your training so that you build speed and endurance. During this workout, we'll run medium intervals together.

Tuesday 3/13, 7:00pm: Technique training and a intervall run. Tips, how to prepare for race day by examining the race course and creating a mile to mile plan!

Registration via this link:
Friends of Mom in Balance members are very welcome to join to!
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