Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions Mom in Balance

  Mom in Balance offers different membership forms, a monthly, quarterly as well as yearly unlimited membership. We also offer a 10 times Flexcard for those looking to have a very flexible way of training. When you sign up you choose which form you will use.

 If you choose any of the monthly, quarterly or yearly membership it is always automatically extended into the new period. It will continue as the same membership form as the current one unless you change it via

 All memberships can be ended via email with a 1 month notice period. After your notice you will receive your final invoice. 

  Subscription will take place via the application form on the website. The subscription will start on the day of entry as indicated on the application form (provided that there is space available in the desired group)

By subscribing via the website or via Email, you declare to accept the terms and conditions of Mom in Balance.

It is possible to (temporarily) pause your subscription if you’re not able to participate due to an injury or illness. This needs to be announced as soon as possible via with a Doctor's note. 

If you are pregnant, your Mpower or Back in Shape subscription can be changed into the Pregnant subscription by sending an e-mail to

 The Flexcard has 10 credits on it and is valid for 5 months. Any left over credits after 5 months will be lost. If you're pregnant, have classes left on your card and take a baby break with your Flexcard, please email us at to agree on an extension and change into a Back in Shape Flexcard.

 With the card you are automatically signed up for a regular workout. You need to sign out at least 1 hour before the workout in order to keep the workout. You can of course always sign up for other workouts too. However, we kindly request that you, in order to receive up-to-date information about the workout, to sign up at least 1 hour prior to the start of the workout.

 To renew the Flexcard or change memberships simply log in to your app to renew your membership directly OR send us an e-mail to and ask us to change your membership! 

Subscription and (payment) terms

Dues must be paid after receiving the invoice via e-mail. The payment should be done by bank transfer. 

 It is always your responsibility to check your e-mail for invoices. If you change your e-mail address always let us know via 

 If you fail to pay us the fees by the due date, we are entitled to refuse you participating in the workouts. If unpaid fees remain outstanding, and after attempts by us to rectify the arrears your membership may be forwarded to a collection agency for further action. Any associated costs will be recovered on you.

Mom in Balance is entitled to end the subscription in case of remaining unpaid fees. Payment is still required.

Mom in Balance is entitled to change subscription fees. You will be notified with a minimum of 1 month about the fee change.

The subscription is personal and non - transferable.


Mom in Balance is entitled to change workout -times/- location/ programs etc.

Despite of the weather, the workouts will always take place. Only under extreme weather conditions, illness of the trainer, or if the amount of participants registered are 2 or less, the workout can be cancelled. You will always have the possibility to catch up at a different time in that same week. Cancellation of the workout will be communicated (by e-mail) not later than one hour before the start of the workout.

Workouts take place throughout the whole year. Except for national public holidays, without fee reduction or refund. This goes for Christmas, Silvester, New Yearsday, Easter, Himmelfahrt, Pfingsten and the Swiss National Day. 

 During holiday periods Mom in Balance could adjust the regular schedule without fee reduction or refund. Holiday schedules are being announced via website, Newsletter and Facebook. 

Mom in Balance can not be held responsible for any lost items.

If you choose not to take part in the workouts Mom in Balance is offering, no refund will be made. Nor will this be added to your new monthly/quarterly/yearly period or a new Flexcard. It is always possible to catch up the missed workouts on other days. Missed workouts can not be added to your current period as extra weeks of that period nor as extra classes on a new Flexcard. 

 You cannot - temporarily - stop your membership due to holidays, except for the special arrangements during the Christmas and Summer period if you are away for a minimum of 4 weeks (possible to pause once/year). It is always possible to catch up missed workouts on other days. The right to catch up missed workouts expires after ending the membership. During Christmas break (15th of December until mid January) you can pause your membership if you are away on holiday as per the above rules. The same goes for the Summer period from mid June until end of August. Your pause should always be announced upfront with a one month notice and via e-mail. 

Participation is at your own risk. During the workouts you will listen to your own body, and follow the trainers’ instructions.

 All members are kindly asked to use our MiB App. You are automatically signed up for your regular workout. If you are not coming you can easily sign out via the App. We kindly request that you, in order to receive up-to-date information about the workout, to sign up/out at least 1 hour prior to the start of the workout. 

Ending the subscription 

 If you're pregnant and you don’t feel safe /good anymore, you can always pause your membership/Flexcard by sending an email to 

The monthly, quarterly and yearly unlimited memberships have a notice period of 1 month. 

After the first monthly/quarterly/yearly period, the membership is automatically extended the same period. Members can also choose to change the membership form by letting us know via

 A membership can never be ended by telling the trainer. It should always be communicated via 

Force Majeure

Mom in Balance is not required to fulfil any obligation based on the membership if it is prevented from doing so due to force majeure.

Force majeure includes any non-attributable shortcoming of hired third parties, virus infections and computer hacking by third parties, illness of the trainer, traffic interruptions, traffic accidents, weather influences, natural disasters, internet disruptions, power outage, fire, theft, government measures, as well as any other situations over which Mom in Balance cannot exert any (decisive) control.