Back in Shape

Starts at
CHF 100,00 p/month

You have just given birth and feel like getting active again. Great!

After the hectic early weeks some time for yourself to renew your energy and to feel strong again! With the Back in Shape workouts professional trainers will help you recover and get in shape safely after giving birth. Work on your overall fitness and make your body strong again in a responsible way so you will be able to restore balance to your (new) life. The Back in Shape workout is also the perfect workout if you want to (re)start a fitness routine even years after giving birth! 

  • Feel strong
  • Get more energy 
  • Restore balance 
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Back in Shape

The Back in Shape workout 

The Back in Shape workouts are for (new) moms as of 6 weeks postpartum. Did you have a difficult childbirth with complications? Then make sure you get clearance from your gynaecologist before starting the fitness program. Did you not exercise for a long time and are you looking for a fun and responsible way to get (back) into it? Our Back in Shape workouts are perfect for you! 

The workouts are given by expert trainers and have been developed in cooperation with gynaecologists and pelvic floor specialists. This way you are sure you are working out in a responsible way. Moreover, the challenging workouts in the fresh air will ensure that you will feel physically strong and energetic again!

What is the program like?

  • Weekly outdoor training, year-round in the open air 
  • Personal training together with other moms
  • A complete workout for total body recovery.
  • Strengthening of your core- and back muscles.
  • Specific attention on the recovery of your pelvic floor muscles.

What's in it for you?

  • An active recovery of your body, with special focus on damaged structures.
  • You will quickly feel physically and mentally stronger.
  • Your endurance will improve rapidly.
  • Safe weight loss and getting back in shape
  • A relaxing moment for yourself
  • Meeting other active new moms 
  • You will manage to build-up a sports routine!

Costs and membership forms

There are different options to join us 

  • Membership paid monthly (115 CHF / month) once a week
  • Membership paid quarterly (325 CHF / quarter) once a week 
  • Membership paid half yearly (600 CHF/ half year) once a week 
  • our flexcard: 10 times card to use during 6 months (275 CHF) 

The longer you commit the better the price!

The fee is paid upfront, by bank transfer.

After the initial period you can cancel with one month notice period.  

You choose your favorite workout time but you can always easily choose another workout that week via our own Mom in Balance App. That way we offer you all the flexibility you need in your busy life! 

Read our terms and conditions here 

Do you enjoy it so much that you want to train twice a week or even more? No problem! We have a Back in Shape Unlimited workout and with that one you can come as often as you like!

Read all about our memberships here