Rahel Brunner

Kids: Valentina (2016)

Passion: Fitness Trail (Vitaparcours) together with my partner and Valentina on Sundays, eat out in one of my favourite restaurants in Kreis 4 und 5 (Tre Fratelli, Schönau, Volkshaus,...)

My current job: Being the owner of fashion boutique Komplementair, located at Viadukt in Zurich

Favorite Sport: Poledance (Instructor Certificate in 2015)

Sport Goal(s): to motivate moms and moms to be to build up a workout routine and to take much pleasure in their (MIB) workouts. Personally: Being able to kitesurf properly and to pick up trapeze again one day

Guilty pleasure: Red Velvet Cupcakes (from Michelle’s Cupcakes)