Gwyneth Riebl

Zug: Hafen

Kids: Kira (2012) and Jonas (2015)
Passions: Nature, animals, and being outdoors in any weather! I adore (and miss) the ocean; Swiss lakes are also incredible!  I used to be a competitive endurance runner. I love horses and find much joy and perspective through riding and training them. Yoga & reading offer me inspiration & balance!
Career: I studied International Relations & Climate Change and worked for 5 years at a large reinsurance company in Zürich, focusing on Climate and Energy Solutions. I have also worked as a Personal (Virtual) Trainer at Hillseeker Fitness, helping people run mountain marathons and reach their fitness goals. 
Sport Goals: Maintain a regular yoga practice. Encourage my family to go on adventures in the mountains - biking or hiking!
Guilty Pleasure: I keep a bar of dark chocolate in my backpack!
Sara Schjoedt - Eriksen
Sara Schjoedt - Eriksen
Owner of Mom In Balance Switzerland. Kids: Proud mom of three kids  Passion: Drive to Italy in the weekends with my family and go to their outdoor markets and buy Italian specialities [..]

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Tamara Vonlanthen
Tamara Vonlanthen
Kids: Proud mommy of Mia Passion: Food & Sports - cooking healthy meals & especially finding out ways of making desserts "healthier" so we can enjoy these more often ;-) I am a passionated [..]

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