Annika Bierfreund

Horgen: Villa Seerose, Zürich: Seebad Enge


Spending as much time as possible with my family and friends.

Current Job:

Working in the Swiss fitness industry after holding various roles in the fitness sector both nationally as well as internationally in the past couple of years.

Favorite Sport:

I love doing sports outdoors, particularly running. After a couple of years in Dubai, the fresh air and nice countryside in Switzerland are my personal favourites.

Sport goal(s): 

Inspiring other women with my enthusiasm for sports and helping them to achieve an overall improved well-being. 

Guilty pleasure:

With a good glass of wine accompanied by some cheese you can always put a smile on my face

Sara Schjoedt - Eriksen
Sara Schjoedt - Eriksen
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Niina Nummela
Niina Nummela
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Barbara Rijntjes
Barbara Rijntjes
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Ivette Tramontana
Ivette Tramontana
KIDS Francesco (2009) & Lorenzo (2012)   PASSION keeping our family fit and healthy with healthy food, sports and a general healthy and positive approach to life and reading all [..]

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