Annika Bierfreund

Horgen: Villa Seerose, Zürich: Seebad Enge


Spending as much time as possible with my family and friends.

Current Job:

Working in the Swiss fitness industry after holding various roles in the fitness sector both nationally as well as internationally in the past couple of years.

Favorite Sport:

I love doing sports outdoors, particularly running. After a couple of years in Dubai, the fresh air and nice countryside in Switzerland are my personal favourites.

Sport goal(s): 

Inspiring other women with my enthusiasm for sports and helping them to achieve an overall improved well-being. 

Guilty pleasure:

With a good glass of wine accompanied by some cheese you can always put a smile on my face

Sara Schjoedt - Eriksen
Sara Schjoedt - Eriksen
Owner of Mom In Balance Switzerland. Kids: Proud mom of three kids  Passion: Drive to Italy in the weekends with my family and go to their outdoor markets and buy Italian specialities [..]

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Rahel Brunner
Rahel Brunner
Kids: Valentina (2016) Passion: Fitness Trail (Vitaparcours) together with my partner and Valentina on Sundays, eat out in one of my favourite restaurants in Kreis 4 und 5 (Tre Fratelli, [..]

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Niina Nummela
Niina Nummela
Kids: Emelie (2012) and Natalie (2014) Passion: Apart from sports, I love experimenting in the kitchen creating healthy and colourful meals to share with my family and friends. Job: MIB Trainer and [..]

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Sarah Jeanne Hansen
Sarah Jeanne Hansen
KIDS Elias (2012) and Oscar (2014)   PASSION Currently, exploring Switzerland and all of its gorgeousness, cooking healthy food that my children will actually eat, and [..]

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Helena Zachariassen
Helena Zachariassen
KIDS Sophie (2013) and Elliot (2015) JOB  Community Manager & Trainer at Mom in Balance Switzerland PASSION Outdoor sports, photography, interior decoration and spending time with my [..]

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Ivette Tramontana
Ivette Tramontana
KIDS Francesco (2009) & Lorenzo (2012)   PASSION keeping our family fit and healthy with healthy food, sports and a general healthy and positive approach to life and reading all [..]

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