yamo – what parents love and kids cry for

yamo – what parents love and kids cry for

“I don’t like bananas”, “I don’t want to eat vegetables”, “I don’t like that, mommy” – there are a lot of reasons why a child refuses to eat healthy food but there is not a single reason why a child would ever refuse yamo. We promise!

A brand for fresh food for children revolutionizes the market

Did you know that baby jars that you can find in the supermarket are often older than your own child? Mostly, they were produced one, two or three months ago and waiting in to be bought and eaten ever since … that’s not fresh nor does that sound healthy after all.

Our founders Tobias Gunzenhauser, José Amado-Blanco and Luca Michas came to this conclusion in 2016 as well and founded yamo. A brand that that produces fresh, organic and natural food for babies, toddlers and older children. Since then we have revolutionized the market and are loved by parents and kids all over Europe. More about our mission HERE.

Yamo wants freshness!

To guarantee freshness, we use innovative high-pressure technology (HPP) that preserves heat-labile nutrients and vitamins while achieving a shelf life of several weeks without any additives or high heat application. Our products are delivered fresh and refrigerated to the door and be kept in the refrigerator between eight and twelve weeks.

Yamo's promises to parents and kids

As a brand for children's food, we have made two promises. We made one promise to the parents to provide them with easy and healthy products for their children. Also, we made another promise to the kids that we serve them with the most important nutrients that support them in growing with a taste they love and never want to miss.

From vitamin-rich quetschies to vegan alternatives

Cups, Quetschies and yamoghurts – over the years, we have created a lot of different products that not only have cool names like Beetney Spears or Cocohontas but can as well be enjoyed as a very first meal or later on as a snack during lunch break in school. More about our products HERE.

But that is not the end: We even created Europes first oat-based yogurt alternative in a variety of delicious flavors – fresh, organic, natural and vegan as well. And psst, there is a lot more to come. Stay tuned and follow our journey – we would be happy to see you soon.

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