In March 2017, Michèle Todeschini, osteopath CO, and Claudia Bettenmann, midwife FH, founded Praxiszentrum Arcus GmbH. Today, the integrative practice center in Thalwil offers women, children and young families complete, competent and long-term medical support. Osteopaths, acupuncturists, massage therapists, kinesiologists and gynecologists, midwives, pediatricians complement each other to holistically promote the health of the patients/clients.

Even before the founding of the integrative practice center Arcus in spring 2017, Michèle’s and Claudia’s practices had made a name for themselves for 15 years
in the field of midwifery and osteopathy. And they had been working closely together as individual companies for a long time. What united them was the common conviction that especially in gynecology and pediatrics many problems arise that don’t just have one right solution, but for which interdisciplinary cooperation is indicated.

Network as a challenge

During their many years of practice, the two Arcus founders Michèle Todeschini and Claudia Bettenmann noticed again and again, and with increasing urgency, that it is essential for young families, postpartum women, newborn children and children with special needs to be cared for and supported by a well-cooperating network of specialists. On a day-to-day basis, however, the establishment of such a network proved to be extremely demanding, time-consuming and often frustrating.

Frustrating on the one hand because of lack of feedback from the relevant specialists after referrals and because of negative feedback from referred patients/new mothers. On the other hand, however, also because the lack of cooperation between the various health care professionals repeatedly led to slow, long courses of disease.

Experience showed that in an effective network complementary medicine as well as conventional medicine is of utmost importance. Health goals for patients were achieved most quickly where these two approaches go hand in hand and support each other. This is how Michèle Todeschini and Claudia Bettenmann came up with the idea of founding an integrative medical center for young families.


Modern center for integrative medicine

The two developed a practice center where women and children, in particular, can receive preventive care, general care and support from a single source for the diverse and complex problems in gynecology and pediatrics.

Conventional western medicine and complementary medicine should not be mutually exclusive but should complement each other in a meaningful way and always for the benefit of the patients, thus creating the basis for optimal care and treatment.

With a multi-professional team of selected, complementary medicine and conventional medicine specialists, the center combines versatile competencies in a stylish and personal environment.


Our specialists

Arcus’ doctors, therapists and midwives are empathic and care for you competently. They will listen to you carefully and advise you honestly and comprehensively, so that you feel well taken care of in all situations.

Our therapists and midwives welcome you in the historic "Haus zum Güggel", our gynecologists/obstetricians as well as pediatricians and specialists of adolescent medicine and physiotherapists are located in the adjacent new building.

Our own parking spaces are at your disposal.


The Arcus scope of practice

Conventional medicine:

- Gynecology

- Midwifery services: Pregnancy care, postpartum care and breastfeeding counseling

- Pediatrics

Complementary medicine:

- Osteopathy

- TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine)

- Shonishin (Japanese acupuncture without needles)

- Massage therapy

- Kinesiology


- Breastfeeding counseling

- Psychological counseling

- EBP, developmental psychological counseling for parents

- Postnatal depression office

Other services:

- Girls' and boys' days (support in the transition to adolescence)

- Breastfeeding Preparation

- birth preparation


We’re looking forward to welcoming you at Praxiszentrum Arcus!



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