Some extra power for Mom in Balance Switzerland

Some extra power for Mom in Balance Switzerland

As we are growing and so are our ambitions we need some extra power! Therefor we are very happy to be adding Helena Zachariassen to our team! 

She will be our so - called community manager being responsible for both our internal and external growing community. 

Helena loves to introduce herself to you all: 

My kids: Sophie, born February 2013 and Elliot born July 2015

I'm originally from Helsinki, Finland, I speak Swedish as my mother tongue (yes, we have 2 official languages in Finland!) and moved to Switzerland in 2011 as my then boyfriend already lived here (he's also Finnish). Now we're married with two kids! 

I want to work for Mom in Balance Switzerland as it's a concept I strongly like and believe in. I have worked out with MiB since the start in Zurich and tried all three groups; Pregnant, Back in shape and Mom in shape. It's the first workout concept I haven't gotten bored with and I simply love that it's outdoors all year round! My goal is to spread the joy of Mom in Balance and as a result have more fit, happy and balanced moms out there! I strongly believe we are better moms and partners when we get a regular me-time training and enjoying fresh air. 

Welcome Helena! 

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