Our special December card

Our special December card

Don't wait till the new year starts, start your new routine already in December and enjoy a holiday season full of energy! We now offer a special pre-Xmas card so you can join us for a month (and get a discount if you join our regular membership in January!)

Holiday season is coming up! Although it is very tempting to wait with your new years resolutions until the new year, you actually need the energy during the holiday season already right? 

So what is the deal? 

You can buy your Pre-Xmas card and enjoy a whole month of unlimited training any time any location for 180 CHF or Once a week training at your preferred location for 110 CHF. 

And if you love the routine (which we are sure you will.....) you can join our regular membership in January with a 10% discount on your first period! 

So get yourself an early Xmas present this year and enjoy the energy it will bring you! 

You can get the Pre-Xmas card by subscribing via our website, adding Pre-Xmas card

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