Check out this great online course about building your confidence

Because we love to inspire each other we also love to show you some great things that we have found via our network of inspiring women. 

This time we want to we put the spotlight on a great online course one of our members has developed. 

The course looks pretty amazing and you can do it at your own pace in your own time 
This is what it is all about (keep on reading! there is a great deal for you at the end!)

Could you use some confidence to… 
...get back into the workforce?
…stand up for your parenting choices against know-it-all relatives?
…find a new career that lets you balance your mommy self and your career self?
…let go of the guilt-cycle 'not enough time with kids and not enough time in the office’?
…get back into your pre-maternity clothes?

Cracking Confidence is the program for you. It is an online course which you can do at any time at your own pace. Run by a fellow mom-in-balance member Margo McClimans, who also happens to have 11 years of executive coaching and leadership development background. She normally travels the world for her work and has trained 1000s of managers on 3 continents. She has found that for men and women alike, confidence is key to success, no matter what your role is.

In her new role as a mommy with a little baby boy at home, Margo is looking for new ways to reach and help people build confidence and leadership skills, so has created this highly dynamic online program, based on her book The Four Channels just for women like you!

Learn more

Check out this SNEAK PREVIEW based on one of the lessons in the course: 

The course is a combination of:
-video lectures 
-peer discussion
-reflection questions
-exercises and challenges to do in real life

You can start anytime and work through the modules at your own pace. You have up to 6 months to complete the course, but realistically it should only take you about 4 weeks with a maximum a couple hours a week dedicated to it.

The normal price is CHF 249.- And Mom in Balance members get a 10% discount (sign up by Oct. 30th. Just use coupon code MIB10.) 
A great opportunity

Let's inspire each other!

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