Mom in Balance workouts together with the First Family club in Zurich

Mom in Balance workouts together with the First Family club in Zurich

in October the very first family members club will be opened in Z├╝rich. Wilde Tiere is a place where you can come to hang out with your family/ friends or just have a relaxed coffee on your own. Kids are very very welcome and while you are having a lovely lunch, taking an exercise class (Mom in Balance will be on their time table too!) or getting a beauty treatment, your kids are being taken care off!! Yes really all at the same place!

Wilde Tiere offers her members lots of stuff. You can book beauty treatments, go to different classes or just have a great lunch. And the great thing is that you can take your kids because they either have fun in the cool play areas are you can drop them off at the childcare facilities!

Wilde Tiere and Mom in Balance will work together and we are very excited about that! Although we love the indoor facilities of Wilde Tiere we of course will go outdoors for our outdoor workouts!

In the week right after the Autumn Break we will be offering our Workouts for the Wilde Tiere Members but also Non - Wilde Tiere Members are very welcome! 

The great benefit is that you can then enter the club and for only 10 CHF you can also leave your children at the club while you are enjoying your workout! And of course you can always decide to join the Wilde Tiere club as well and then the daycare is for Free!!!

So what is is all about?

- starting the 29th of October Mom in Balance will offer her workout on Thursdays 9.00

- we meet at the Wilde Tiere club, Vorderberg 11, Zürich

- all Wilde Tiere members can use the childcare facilities

- the class is also open for Non- Wilde Tiere members. They can also use the childcare facilties for only 10CHF per workout (you do have to register beforehand)

- everbody can join the class with a Mom in Balance membership and can therefore always make up for any missed classes any time any place!

If you want to know more about these classes just contact us!

We are looking forward to it!!

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