Being responsible for many different activities at the same time often leads parents to a loss of awareness of their own needs and an inner - often unconscious - imbalance. An individual coaching can help to regain access to yourself, to discover your own resources and to shape change sustainably and consciously.

Work Life Balance, Work Family Balance, Body Mind Balance, Nutrition Balance … Everything revolves around balance.

As important as balance is, as difficult it is to achieve. Mothers - whether working or not - juggle the ball between the well-being of their children, the household, their own professional career, a fulfilling partnership and a whole lot of very different wishes that come together in a family. This is especially true in times like these, when the whole family moves more within its own four walls, voluntarily or involuntarily. Despite best efforts, many moms suffer from a feeling of guilt about not being able to meet everyone’s needs. And that's exactly the crux of the matter: in an effort to meet everyone's needs, it's not unusual for me-time to fall by the wayside. Many encounter the questions: What do I want? What do I need? Who am I (who have I become) and who would I like to be? Interestingly this conundrum is not only true for mothers, but for parents in general.

Keeping this balance was also a challenge again and again on my personal journey. The stages ranged from changing countries, becoming a mom twice, to further orienting myself professionally and, in addition to being a mom, also remaining a woman and an individual. In an attempt to reconcile everything, I often followed my usual routines, patterns and to-do lists. Quite often, however, I could no longer tell what my own needs and values actually were. On my way from employee to consultant to coach, I was privileged to discover exactly that. Of course, I still juggle the balls, but knowing which ball is mine and when to play, it led to more inner balance, energy, success and creativity. And most importantly, it enabled me to know what I need to be happy, proud and fulfilled: as a mother, professional, woman and ME. 

Would you also like to embark on the journey and gain new perspectives, become a doer, consciously shape change, focus on the essentials and gain access to yourself? I would be happy to accompany you in rediscovering your inner resources again. Together, either in person and / or virtual coaching sessions, we can explore which inner - often unconscious & contradictory - processes are standing in your way to achieving your mental balance. Feel free to contact me by email, WhatsApp, phone or via my homepage. I am looking forward to meeting you!

And when Body and Mentality are in balance, your loving, patient, childlike and above all heart side can blossom again.

Sarah Besel
Weinbergstrasse 102, 8006 Zürich
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