Holiday season coming up!

Holiday season coming up!

We train whole year through but we also realise you might need a bit of flexibility due to travelling during the Xmas period. Read all about our options here!

Mom in Balance Switzerland is a very international community with besides lots of Swiss and 'local international' members, also lots of ladies who are travelling to their ' home countries'  during the Xmas break. 

We of course offer workouts the whole year through and will also do during holiday season.

Considering our community we always offer special options regarding the memberships during the Summer period and the Xmas period. 

Please read carefully

Regarding your membership there are different options 


You just keep on training and use your membership as always. Away for a couple of times? No Problem. During the X-mas period you can pause your membership with a max of 2 weeks and we will add those weeks to your membership period. 

Do you want this? Let us know if you want to use the option of extra weeks before the 5th of December via (NB you cannot adjust this AFTER the holidays, only upfront as we plan our schedules around it for you) and deregister via the new Appif you are not there. If you do not deregister via the App and send us an e-mail before the 5th of december we can not add the extra weeks to your membership period 


You deregister via the new App for the workouts that you are not here and you use the credits to come for extra workouts in January (or whenever you want!) when you can use some extra energy! 

You don't have to do anything else than signing out via the App. 


You stop/freeze your normal membership (please keep in mind your one month notice period ) and you start again when you are back. 

If you want to use this option, Please send an email keeping the one month notice period in mind, to telling us when you want to stop and when you want to activate it again. 

We hope that this way we offer you the best of both worlds: lots of flexibility in the hectic Xmas period and at the same time possibilities to keep your exercise routine up as much as possible. 

You can now also find your Home routine of our Skiing challenge on your App so you can do the exercises at home! 

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