About us

About us

The mission behind the Mom in Balance Workout Program is to help as many (soon-to-be) mothers feel physically strong and full of energy, better equipping them to fully enjoy life. We do this together with a team of motivated and enthusiastic trainers. 


The Mom in Balance Fitness Program was conceptualized by Esther van Diepen (a mom of 4 kids) during the time she spent living in New York, and where she had the opportunity to work with several experts in the field of pregnancy and post-partum fitness. Esther launched Mom in Balance upon her return to the Netherlands in 2008. She collaborated with diverse doctors, experts and organisations while developing the program 

The past 10 years Mom in Balance has been growing rapidly in the Netherlands and we continue to expand to new areas around the world. Each week more than 8,000 women take part in the workouts worldwide.