Newsletter Winter Wonderland

Newsletter Winter Wonderland

Winter Wonderland

Hello ladies, Welcome back to Stockholm! I hope you all had wonderful holidays! The kids go back to school on Monday . . . so it's time to get those running shoes on and enjoy the winter wonderland! Please remember to wear layers, good (water-proof) shoes and bring along your clip-on spikes.

This month we will start with the Ski Challenge and will have a special event in Humlegården on January 17th (see more info below). 

Ski Challenge for Mom in Shapers
A bit less than 8 more weeks until sportlov, when many of you will go skiing. Therefore we have developed a ski challenge to give the important muscles you need for skiing an extra boost. The challenge consists of two parts. Firstly, an extra ‘shot’ during the regular workout and secondly a tabata style home routine.

The picture above describes the tabata style part of the challenge – a 20 seconds high intensity exercise followed by 20 seconds rest in plank position – with active recovery. Perform this challenge at least 3 times a week on top of your regular workout to get most out of the challenge! Start with performing all the exercises (one sequence) one time in the first week and build it up by adding one sequence every week. So, in week 8 you will be able to do it 8 times in a row!

Pregnant/Back in Shape event in Humlegården
On Tuesday January 17th we will have a special Pregnant/Back in Shape workout in Humlegården. Since the classes are quiet small at the moment, we would love to get some more moms enthusiastic to join! You are very welcome to bring your friends along for this event and would be very thankful if you spread the word!

Enjoy the winter wonderland weekend with your family and looking forward to seeing you tomorrow or next week!

Emilie, Mieke and Mirre
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