New App and Changing Weather

New App and Changing Weather

Curious about the new Mom in Balance app and want to know what to wear to our snowy workouts this week? Check out our newsletter!

New App and Changing Weather

Hello ladies,

I hope you all had a wonderful höstlov and have enjoyed playing in the snow today :)

Changing weather
Now that it is becoming darker, colder and snowy outside, it sometimes is difficult to motivate yourself to go outside and workout. Especially in these dark months, it's even more important to go outside, get some fresh air and enjoy the few hours of sunlight. 

As the Swedes say, there is no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing! In this cold remember to dress warmly. It is best to wear a few layers, so you can take something off when you get too hot. Furthermore, it is important to wear a hat and gloves. It would be a good idea to consider buying some waterproof sports shoes and when its icey you can wear rubber bands with spikes that you can put on your sports shoes. All these things can be found at the different sports shops like XXL Sport, Decathlon and Stadium. 

Mirre, Mieke and I are looking forward to continue working out with you even in the winter season and will do our best to motivate you and help you to achieve your goals! Remember rain, snow or's always workout time! Let's do this together ladies!

Mom in Balance app has been launched: download now

Download the brand new Mom in Balance MEMBER app from the AppStore or Google Play Store and get the best out of your workouts! NB: There is also a TRAINER app so download the correct version.
Log in with your email address and date of birth and check if your workouts are registered correctly. If not, please inform me via and I will correct it for you!
In the brand new app you can:

  • Easily sign in or out for your workouts
  • Keep up-to-date with the latest news about your workouts (activate your push notifications)
  • See who have also signed up for your workout
  • Introduce yourself to your team with a photo, life motto etc
  • Receive credits for workouts which you have signed out for (applicable only when you train once a week)
  • Workout at home by using the onlin workout video’s. 
Need to know:
  • Not able to make a workout? Sign off for your workout, so the trainer knows who is coming to the workouts and you will receive a credit so you can catch up at another time. You can save a maximum of four credits, which you can use within your membership.
  • You may already have built up some credits which are now not visible in the app. You can use these credits until January 1st without having to register this in the app.
  • Questions? In the app you can also find a FAQ!
Enjoy your Sunday evening! We are looking forward to seeing you at our snowy workouts this week! 

Emilie, Mieke and Mirre
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