Free trial winter workout

Free trial winter workout

Do you want to start 2017 in an energetic and sporty way? Come join our free outdoor workout in Humlegården!

Mom in Balance, in collaboration with Littlebearabroad, would like to invite you to join a free “winter” workout in Humlegården on January 17th at 10.00! The workout is a combination of cardio, upper body strength, lower body strength and core exercises. The workout is suitable for all levels. We will split the group into three: pregnant ladies, moms who have recently give birth (atleast 6 weeks ago) and moms with babies over 9 months or older kids. 

Snow, rain or's always workout time! Please wear sports clothes and good (water proof) sports shoes. In this weather it is best to wear layers and if icy you can bring crampons for your shoes if you have them. 

You are welcome to bring along your babies (under 9 months old) in their stroller. Make sure they are dressed warmly too!

For more information, check out If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact Emilie at or Jill at

Looking forward to our workout on the 17th of January!

Emilie (Mom in Balance) and Jill (Littlebearabroad)

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