Creative designs by MI&U

Creative designs by MI&U

Recently we met the inspiring Marica Holm Mattsson and Ingela Karlsson at the Exclusive Baby Shower event. In 2013 they started their own design company based in Stockholm. They design baby clothing and accessories incorporating their theme Prince and Princesses.

Ingela developed a passion for sewing and clothing since she could hold a needle and thread and it has been dear to her heart ever since. For many years she has been dreaming of starting a design brand and therefore specialized in handicrafts, tailoring, fashion and design at school.

Marica's passion for graphic design, color and shape has been developed over many years. Thanks to this big passion she decided to study graphic and text communication.

Marica and Ingela would like to offer you free delivery when ordering one of their designs by using the code MOM2016. Check out MI&U's creative designs on 


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