At work?

Being pregnant is a top-level sport, especially when combined with a busy job that requires energy, focus, discipline, perseverance and a strong body. Mom in Balance will help the company to contribute to the overall health of your pregnant employee with the Fit & Active at Work program.

  • An open and positive working environment for pregnant employees
  • And more!

For who is this workout meant?

The Fit and Active Program will help to stay fit and active at work during your pregnancy. Working out during pregnancy will help to stay energetic up untill the maternity leave (and longer!). Further more it helps to return to work full of energy after the leave.

The company benefits from positve employees who will stay active and energetic during their pregancy. 

We are more than happy to discuss the possibilities to offer (group)workouts during lunch breaks or right after work. This way you could offer all the benefits to several employees at the same time! Please contact us at sabine@mominbalance.com.sg

What is the program like?

  • Professional guided outdoor workouts designed for the pregnant body
  • Suitable for all careers and levels of ambition
  • Personal training with other working moms-to-be 
  • During lunch break or after work
  • Exclusive for your company (if wanted) 

What's in it for you?

  • An open and positive working environment for pregnant employees
  • A strong come-back after giving birth
  • Less need for sick leave during pregnancy
  • Valuable information for the company about their working environment

How exactly does it work?

Besides weekly training, every participant of the Fit & Active at Work program starts with a (confidential!) intake to determine ones personal goals. Based on the intakes and the workouts Mom in Balance will provide the company with usefull feedback about further improving an open working environment for working moms. 

With a minimum of 5 participants the Fit & Active at Work program costs SGD 165,- /month per participant. 

This includes personal training with other moms-to-be once a week and the Pregnancy box containing the following; the book Stay Fit & Healthy during Pregnancy (including an at-home workout program and nutrition advice), a Mom in Balance Resistance Band plus practical information about pregnancy and work. 

If you are interested introducing the Fit & Active at Work Program at your company, please feel free to contact us so we can discuss the possibilities.