Maggie Reynaerts

Singapore: Botanic Garden Bukit Timah Gate, Singapore: Botanic Garden Tanglin Gate

KIDS: Lea (2009)
CURRENT JOB: Mom in Balance trainer. Before I made a career switch I was a researcher in the field of Biotechnology. 
PASSION: Ashtanga yoga, cooking, and criminal books. 
FAVOURITE SPORT: I enjoy all type of sports: fitness, kettlebells, snowboarding; recently I spend a lot of time practicing ashtanga yoga. In sports I believe in holistic and functional approach that challenges our body and mind, and has a positive impact on everyday life. 
SPORT GOAL: To have a healthy balance between body and mind. I truly enjoy helping people achieve their fitness goals and assist them to push their limits. 
GUILTY PLEASURE: very cliché champagne and strawberries!
Esther van Diepen
Esther van Diepen
KIDS Julia (2005), Sophie (2006), Feline (2009), Florian (2010) PASSION I love being outdoors in nature, being in the mountains is the best! Listen to music and inspiring podcast  [..]

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Naomi Govan
Naomi Govan
KIDS 1 daughter, born June 24th 2018. PASSION From a very young age I was involved in dance and trained professionally in the UK. My passion for dance will always be there and it lead me to my [..]

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Melisha Sirisena
Melisha Sirisena
KIDS  Two girls Zara (2015) and Ariya (2018) JOB  Paediatric Audiologist & Mom in Balance Trainer  PASSION  Fostering a love of exercise in others! Meeting new people, [..]

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