Loes Geerlings

Singapore: Botanic Garden Bukit Timah Gate, Singapore: Botanic Garden Tanglin Gate

Two great girls, Juul (2009), Kate (2010)
MIB trainer
Physio and Manipulative Physiotherapist 
At the moment studying for my Bachelors in Psychology 
To challenge and motivate others and myself to get the best out of life and reach your goals.
I get a lot of energy from traveling over the world, being outside with my dog, shopping, going out with friends!
Outdoor sports like mountain hiking, mountain biking, snowboarding and running with my dog.
My own goal is to empty my head/thoughts/worries, sport is a sort of meditation and overall you feel much better and more fit. It is great to coach people and challenge them to experience the positive effects of sporting. 
Too much drinks in the weekend :-)
And a bit of too much Bourgondisch life style
Nienke Assink
Nienke Assink
KIDS  Julian (2013)   CURRENT JOB MIB Trainer, Physiotherapy manager at The Moving Body.   PASSION Get people to move and enjoy it at the same time   FAVOURITE [..]

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Jantien Kroese-van den Berg
Jantien Kroese-van den Berg
KIDS Emmeke (2010), Koen (2012) JOB Managing Director & trainer MIB Singapore PASSION I love to challenge myself and others, organizing all sort of events and love looking for [..]

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Marjolein ten Berge-Gräper
Marjolein ten Berge-Gräper
KIDS Bram (2011), Lucy (2013) & Suze (2015) JOB Director Asia for Secrid; creative wallet designed and made in Holland PASSION  What I love about Mom in Balance is the energy you get [..]

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Melisha Sirisena
Melisha Sirisena
KIDS  One girl, Zara (2015) JOB  Mom in Balance Trainer & Paediatric Audiologist   PASSION  Fostering a love of exercise in others! Meeting new people, learning and [..]

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Suzanne de Clercq-Rutten
Suzanne de Clercq-Rutten
JOB Trainer MIB. I used to be a (Food) Marketer before I moved here, now I am looking to find a new job in Marketing again. Exciting times! PASSIONS Healthy/sustainable food, travelling, [..]

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Marilou Groot Nibbelink
Marilou Groot Nibbelink
JOB Operations and PT at WorldTrainer, Trainer MIBPASSION Enjoying life to the fullest and make sure every day counts! Challenge yourself, keep exploring, laugh out loud, live consciously and with [..]

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