Laura Williams

Singapore: Botanic Garden Bukit Timah Gate, Singapore: Botanic Garden Tanglin Gate, Singapore: East Coast Park - Parkland Green, Singapore: Fort Canning Park


Daughter; Livie (2 Years)

Son; George (5 months)


PE Teacher, Mom in Balance Trainer  


My main passion in life is my family. I love spending time with my husband and children. My dream is to someday travel the world with them!


I love all different types of exercise but particularly like working out in a group environment or with a team. I thrive on being pushed and challenged by others (not that I'm competitive!) My main sport is Netball, I have been playing since I was 7 years old and only stopped recently when I moved to Singapore and was pregnant. I hope to get back to it once I have regained my fitness levels after having my son, 5 months ago.


To be balanced! I want to enjoy my life but be the fittest and healthiest that i can be. I want to share my enthusiasm, passion and knowledge of health and fitness with others and encourage them to be the best they can be.


Sitting on the sofa at the end of the day with a cup of tea and biscuits (obviously dunked in the tea!)

Esther van Diepen
Esther van Diepen
KIDS Julia (2005), Sophie (2006), Feline (2009), Florian (2010) PASSION My work;-), training, coaching of groups and enthusiast people.Music, sport, mountains and nature! FAVORITE [..]

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Maggie Reynaerts
Maggie Reynaerts
KIDS: Lea (2009)   CURRENT JOB: Mom in Balance trainer. Before I made a career switch I was a researcher in the field of Biotechnology.    PASSION: Ashtanga yoga, cooking, and [..]

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Naomi Govan
Naomi Govan
KIDS Expecting beginning of July! PASSION So many…cooking, eating, dancing, music and being in the great outdoors! My big passion in life however is people! We are all such interesting [..]

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Melisha Sirisena
Melisha Sirisena
KIDS  One girl, Zara (2015) JOB  Mom in Balance Trainer & Paediatric Audiologist   PASSION  Fostering a love of exercise in others! Meeting new people, learning and [..]

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Marilou Groot Nibbelink
Marilou Groot Nibbelink
JOB Operations and PT at WorldTrainer, Trainer MIB PASSION Enjoying life to the fullest and make sure every day counts! Challenge yourself, keep exploring, laugh out loud, live consciously and [..]

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