Jantien Kroese-van den Berg

Singapore: Botanic Garden Bukit Timah Gate, Singapore: Botanic Garden Tanglin Gate

KIDS: Emmeke (2010), Koen (2012)

JOB: Managing Director & trainer MIB Singapore

PASSION: I love to challenge myself and others, organizing all sort of events and love looking for creative/innovative solutions. All together with a great sense of humor and a big smile!

FAVOURITE SPORT: Mom in Balance outdoor workouts of course, but also swimming, kite surfing, skiing and to slow myself down once in a while...vinyasa yoga or pilates.

SPORTGOAL: To have a strong body & mind and to show others that it can be reached no matter size or age.

GUILTY PLEASURE; ohhh too many!! A sandwich with a thick layer of butter and Dutch hagelslag!

Nienke Assink
Nienke Assink
KIDS  Julian (2013)   CURRENT JOB MIB Trainer, Physiotherapy manager at The Moving Body.   PASSION Get people to move and enjoy it at the same time   FAVOURITE [..]

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Marjolein ten Berge - Gräper
Marjolein ten Berge - Gräper
KIDS Bram (2011), Lucy (2013) & Suze (2015) JOB Director Asia for Secrid; creative wallet designed and made in Holland PASSION  What I love about Mom in Balance is the energy you get [..]

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Loes Geerlings
Loes Geerlings
KIDS Two great girls, Juul (2009), Kate (2010)   JOB MIB trainer Physio and Manipulative Physiotherapist  At the moment studying for my Bachelors in [..]

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