Workout with your buggy!

Workout with your buggy!

Join us for a Mountain Buggy workout event on Saturday the 22nd of February

Mountain Buggy workout event

Bring your baby to the workout and we will use your stroller to have a great effective workout!

This event is for everyone who likes to join! Also when you are pregnant you are more then welcome and you can also ask the people of Mountain Buggy al about the different options that are out there for great strollers.

After the workout you will receive a free workout pack and you will be in to win a Swift Buggy!


Join us on Saturday the 22nd of February from 9-10 am


We gather at the big field ath the entrance of the Botanical Garden on the MRT side

If you are a member you can singn up through the App for this event. If you are not a member yet and you would likt to join you can send an email to singapore@mominbalance.com We love to see you!

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