In a healthy pregnancy, you can continue to exercise until your delivery date. In fact, it is even recommended to keep moving and to keep your fitness level up. Your body will change over time, so adjust your sports schedule accordingly. Do not force anything and listen carefully to your body during movement and immediately afterwards.

In case of pelvic complaints or extreme fatigue, it is better to take it a little easier. In any case, it is wise to exercise under professional supervision, so that you know exactly what you can and cannot do. In addition, submit your sports plans to your midwife or gynecologist before you start.

The tips below will help you stay active and healthy for nine months:

  • Choose a sport tailord to the pregnant body. You can be sure that you train in a responsible manner!
  • Especially train the muscle corset around the pelvis, your core and the legs and arms.
  • Focus well on breathing and posture.
  • Maintain your stamina with cardio exercises, such as jogging or power walking. Make sure that you can continue to talk during the cardio exercises, so you know that you do not train too intensively.
  • Listen to your body, stop if you feel dizzy or nauseous, or if you get hard bellies.
  • Put on comfortable clothes.
  • Make sure you get enough carbohydrates before exercise, these give you energy.
  • Walking is always good, just like cycling. You can continue to train your arms and legs with muscle strengthening exercises. That gives you more strength, which you can use well during labor. It also makes you feel more energetic.
  • During pregnancy you are allowed to functionally work the oblique abdominal muscles: this supports your abdomen. Do this through core exercises such as twists or side bends. You actually train the core with all movements you make. Consciously training the straight abdominal muscles is not recommended during pregnancy because it can increase diastasis and give too much stimulation to the abdomen. It is therefore better to avoid sit-ups or crunches.
  • Don't let your body temperature rise too much.
  • Drink enough water during exercise.
  • Don't exhaust yourself completely.
  • Do not exercise for more than an hour at a time.

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