Mpower Core Challenge

Mpower Core Challenge

July and August are all about training the CORE. Dreaming of that slim waist!? What if we told you that by training the core and not just your abs you could achieve just that and even more than just that!

By training your core you will achieve:

*A strong core that helps you maintain a better posture

*Your waist will get slimmer and the belly flatter
A strong core helps prevent injuries

*Working out gets easier because your core can provide stability

*Your sports performance improves

During the workouts we will pay extra attention to the muscles of the core: abs, back and glutes. Challenge yourself to work that core with the home routine and do each exercise for 20 times as shown in the video https://vimeo.com/258567836

Plank - Step forward
Side Plank – Hip Dip
Surfer Burpee
Standing Crunch Squat

Have a great summer and stay fit!

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