How can exercise affect your sleep?

How can exercise affect your sleep?

A good night’s rest seems impossible sometimes, especially for new mums or mums with young children. Exercise is one of the best science-backed ways to improve your sleep and health. Read more...

Exercise can give a boost to sleep in several ways. Making time to exercise can…

Exercise can contribute to more sound and restful sleep, in other words to improve your sleep quality. Physical activity increases time spent in deep sleep. Deep sleep is the most physically restorative sleep phase. It boost immune function and control stress and anxiety.

In addition to improving the quality of sleep, exercise also can help you increase the duration of your nightly rest. Being physically active requires lots of energy and therefore helps you feel more tired and ready to rest at the end of the day. Research indicates that exercise and in particular regular exercise, that’s part of a consistent routine can help boost sleep duration, in addition to sleep quality.

In return, getting more and better sleep will boost your fitness routine as well! Feeling tired makes it way easier to blow off your workout, has negative effects on your mood and affects your ability to think clearly. The bottom line, along with nutrition and exercise, good sleep is one of the pillars of health! 

Tip for falling asleep faster: Flip that phone face down earlier in the evening and get your eight plus hours of sleep!

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