Get ready for some serious planking!

Get ready for some serious planking!

The 1st of March we will start the MPOWER plank challenge.

In our plank challenge, your trainer will teach MPOWER members how to perform the perfect plank. Next, we will offer effective variations. Why change it up? We'd love to explain this below!

Static vs Moving 
Your body is made for moving and often changing position. We can't stay in static positions for too long. Furthermore, staying in static positions ads a lot of unnecessary tension in the trunk, which could even lead to complaints. If we're speaking of the right posture, keep in mind that you mainly don't want your body in the same position for too long. 
The importance of a stable core
Because we change position a lot, it is important you keep your core stabilised. This way the abdominal muscles, back muscles and glutes can optimally work together. To execute the exercises in a technically correct way, a strong core is essential.  
More than just a plank
The plank is a great exercise for your core muscles because you engage your entire core and you have to find your balance. On top of this your quads, arms and shoulders also join in. A total body workout in one exercise!

Power is gained by sharing knowledge 
This is why our plank challenge isn't based on a static plank which builds up in time. We have chosen for functional plank exercises, which have you constantly changing position and movement. It pays off to quickly and powerfully exercise your core muscles daily. This will make them stronger.

It doesn't get easier, you get stronger!


1: There is too much retraction of the shoulders.
1 + 2: The pelvis is tilted too much forward and there is not enough tension in the core. 
3: Body is in a straight line, stretch, place your shoulders above your hands and slightly tilt your pelvis backwards so you can make a correct tension in your core.


Slippery surface? Don't plank on your socks. This will make you slip and will increase the risk of injuries. You can plank on bare feet, but this is painful for some people. Wearing sports shoes is your best and safest option to execute the plank. 

Look diagonally forward, to the ground, and slightly tilt the pelvis backwards. This way your body is one straight line from your feet to your head. 

Engage your whole body. It's important to contract your back, arm, leg and abdominal muscles when doing the plank. This way you prevent retracting the shoulders too much or hollowing your back.

Breathe calmly. This sounds logical when you read it... but you can't imagine how many people hold their breath during an exercise. Especially when doing strength exercise people often forget to breathe. 

Do this exercise in front of a mirror. This way you can check if you're in the right position and how this feels. You want to enjoy all the benefits of this exercise, which is why it's important to use the right technique!


The plank challenge consists of four steps which you can find in the Inspiration calendar.

You will do step 1 during your workout, step 2 until 4 will be done as a home routine. Try to do the home routine two to three times a week. Are you unsure if you're executing the exercise correctly? Ask your trainer!

Keep an eye on our Insta stories for videos of the different plank exercises. 

Tip: print the calendar and plan your workouts, me-time and home routines. This gives you more grip on your month and will allow you to make the most of March. You can do it!

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