Founder Esther moved to Singapore

Founder Esther moved to Singapore

What would you do if a challenge you waited for so long arises, but in Singapore? Founder of Mom in Balance and SHE Performance, Esther van Diepen, didn’t have to think long about this. In the middle of her sabbatical, she had the opportunity to run her own Mom in Balance location in Singapore and further expand the network of women in Asia and Australia. Together with her husband and four children, she embarks on a whole new adventure. Why? You can read that here!

What made you decide to take this step?

"Mom in Balance is currently active in 12 countries and we have the ambition to empower even more women worldwide. We are already active in Asia but would like to expand this to Australia, this is why we took the step to move to our Mom in Balance Singapore location, which also means a great adventure for our family! "

What challenges have you encountered so far?

"A migration with the whole family is mostly a matter of arranging. The schools for the children, in particular, have been puzzling because there is so much choice. The school years in Singapore are also slightly different, so our second oldest has been put back in a class. We'll talk about that, but then the tiger mother will come up ;-). "

What was the children's reaction when they first heard it?

"Three of the four were very enthusiastic right away, the 4th had to get used to the idea but quickly became enthusiastic. But now, they all find it very exciting! "

What are your ambitions in Singapore?

"I would like to expand the Mom in Balance community in Singapore and also open new locations in Asia and Australia. We already have a very active community and trainers’ team there so that is great! I will also provide more workouts myself, which will give me a lot of energy! SHE Performance coaching will also be expanded to Singapore. "

How do you stay connected to Mom in Balance HQ when you live in Singapore?

"I have weekly contact with the head office, and I remain closely involved in all plans. Every quarter I come back to the Netherlands for the Mom in Balance HQ team and the Power mom coaching sessions. "

How long do you stay living in Singapore?

"Every year we will take a look at this, together with the kids, but at least a two-year period."

And after Singapore, will you go back to the Netherlands or another MIB location?

"We think the Netherlands is a very beautiful country so we will definitely be back after this great adventure."

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