FIT test

FIT test

Be the best you! Every workout we challenge you, every day you challenge yourself! But where do you stand and where do you want to go! To help you identify your personal fitness level we introduce to you the Mom in Balance fitness test! A test that measures your endurance, your strength and your perseverance! The outcome of this fittest is not for you to compare with others, but for you to know where you stand and to determine where you want to go! And of course, Mom in Balance will support you in reaching those personal goals! So, bring your ‘A’ game and let’s do this!
WHEN & WHERE: The Mom in Balance fitness test will be held during your scheduled workout at the first week of December 2020. Please see schedule as below:
Botanical Garden with Maggie
Saturday 8am Mpower(on 5th Dec)
Monday 8:30am Mpower(on 7th Dec)

Old Holland road with Esther 
Tuesday 7:30pm Mpower (on 1st Dec)
Tuesday 8am Mpower (on 8th Dec)

Fort Canning with Melisha
Tuesday 7pm Combi (on 1st Dec)

East Coast with Angela
Saturday 8am Mpower (on 5th Dec)

WHAT TO BRING: a water bottle and your 'A' game!
HOW DOES IT WORK: We will start with a general warming-up and the test will be explained. The test is a combination of cardio fitness, strength and endurance exercises that you already know from our workouts. You can do this!

The Mom in Balance fitness test will be taken every six months. Keep track of your personal score after every fitness test; for example by noting down your score in your phone. This way you can keep track of your personal scores, monitor your improvements and continue to challenge yourself.  View our workouts
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