Feb - focus on Technique

Feb - focus on Technique

Dear Members,


In February we will focus on proper techniques for exercises that we frequently use. No matter if you are already doing the exercise for many years or just started out we need to ensure the posture and movements are correct. This will help avoid wear and tear of the joints and ligaments and ensure we remain pain free and build up our muscles and stamina correctly.

Each week our trainer will explain and perform the proper technique of one specific exercise during the water break. Let’s focus on the details and get better together! 



Feb - focus on Technique


Week One: The perfect Push-Up (How arm placement impacts different muscle groups)

Week Two: The perfect Twist      

Week Three: The perfect Plank    

Week Four: The perfect Squat      


We hope to see you out there!!


Have a happy Chinese New Year!!!


Your MIB team

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