Empowering teenage moms in Kenya

Empowering teenage moms in Kenya

Mom in Balance developed a special program together with Women Win and VAP, for young girls who are (unwanted) pregnant in Kenya.
In September, Pauline and Florentine – entrepreneurs of Mom in Balance Kenya – travelled to Buru Buru to give VAP (Vijana Amani Pamoja) a refresher course just before the official kick-off of the Secure Futures project. The coaches who joined the workshops in the past months proved to have mastered the theory we provided and excelled in coaching and energizing the group. After a short refresher course in which a can of coke was used to explain the pelvic floor, the group moved to the 'training field'. Here the coaches gave parts of the workout. Despite a small interruption due to a tuk-tuk that had to park in the middle of our circle, the workout went smoothly with always a joke and a big smile on their faces.

It was a challenge to find the ideal location for training the girls, but we did! There is now a workout every week, with a group of 25 participants and 2 trainers. The total group consists of 117 young mothers and 17 pregnant women. The participants are enthusiastic!

At the beginning of this year, VAP and WomenWin managed to receive the Comic Relief grant, which allows them to accelerate the Secure Futures project. Charles Otieno (VAP program manager) explained the importance of this: “It is very important that we can now move forward with this vulnerable group of women, who many people don't care much about. This project will revive their hopes."

Want to know more about Mom in Balance Kenya and their participation in the Secure Futures program? Check out the #STRONGWOMEN highlight on their Instagram page to learn more!


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