Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions Mom in Balance Singapore
  • You agree and acknowledge that your subscription for the workout memberships -Pregnant, Back in Shape, Mpower- is for a minimum of 3 months. By subscribing, you declare to accept these terms and conditions of Mom in Balance Singapore.
  • By subscribing, you declare to accept these terms and conditions of Mom in Balance Singapore.
  • Subscription will take place via the application form on the website www.mominbalance.com. Subscription starts on the date that you sign up for a subscription and submit payment via a valid Payment Method. Each billing cycle is one month in duration, and you will be automatically charged each month. For example, if you purchase your membership on 8th May, your billing cycle will reset and you will be charged again on 8th June.
  • A temporarily stop of your subscription is possible if you are not able to participate due to an injury or compelling reason. This needs to be announced as soon as possible by sending an email to singapore@mominbalance.com In an agreed situation the outstanding lessons with a maximum of 4 will stay valid on the account till the temporary stop is reactivated for participation.
  • During summer period from beginning of July till end of August and Christmas holiday you could freeze your membership if you are away on holiday. Your pause should always be announced upfront and via e-mail and is always with a maximum of 4 weeks for summer and maximum of 3 weeks during Christmas. If you decide to stop the membership over the holiday break there is also the regular one month notice period.
  • By subscribing, you declare that participation is at your own risk and with acceting these terms indemnifying Mom in Balance Singapore for any injuries, illness or death or for any lost or stolen items.
  • The subscription is personal and non-transferable.
  • A trial lesson is non-refundable and non-transferable. 
  • You can change your subscription from 1 time per week into unlimited per month at any time by sending an e-mail to Mom in Balance Singapore (provided that there is space available in the desired group). Changing the subscription from unlimited per month into 1 time per week is possible with a notice period of 1 (calender) month by sending an e-mail to Mom in Balance Singapore.
  • With a monthly plan, the participant is able to build op credits up to a maximum of 4 lessons. The credits are only valid if the participant signs out in the Mom in Balance App (available on Iphone/Android). If the participant does not sign out, she will loose the right to reschedule this missed lesson. The 4 credits can only be used during the membership and are not transferrable or cannot be used to refund a monthly payment. If the participant cancels the membership, the remaining lessons will be terminated.
Pregnant and Back in Shape memberships
  • Pregnant and Back in Shape membership come with a Mom in Balance package -Band, Book and Bag-.
  • When you are pregnant and have a Pregnant subscription, the moment could occur that you have an early delivery or so forth keeping you temporarily from participating in trainings. The subscription itself will come to a stop at the date of delivery. The lessons that are outstanding at the date of the delivery will then stay valid on the account, with a maximum of 4, to roll over into the Back in Shape training when the participant is ready to sign in again. In case the participant does not choose to resume with a Back in Shape training the remaining lessons will be terminated.
  • If you are pregnant, your Mpower subscription can be changed into the Pregnant subscription by sending an e-mail to Mom in Balance Singapore
Flex Card
  • Mom in Balance Singapore offers a Flex Card. The Flex Card gives a participant 10 workouts and is valid until 6 months after purchase. Any credits left on the card after 6 months will be lost. 
  • The subscription will not automatically be extended and will finish after 6 months. If you want to extend, re-register at mominbalance.com or send us an email right after your last session. 
  • A Flex Card comes with a Mom in Balance package -Band, Book and Bag- for Pregnant and Back in Shape participants. 
  • It is essential that a participant with a Flex card uses the Mom in Balance app. A participant is registered for a regular workout. If the participant cannot join the regular workout or wants to join a workout at a different day, the participant is kindly asked to sign out of the regular workout no later than two hours prior to the workout and to sign up for the other workout via the app. If a participant signs out less than two hours prior to the workout, a Flex credit usage will be noted down in the admin system. 
2-Weekly Unlimited Try-out membership
  • Available for NEW MEMBERS only. 
  • One time only promotions! You cannot sign of more than once.
  • After 2-weeks your membership will be ended automatically.  
  • You will not receive a MIB goodiebag during this membership, only of you sign up for our regular membership packs. 
  • You cannot save up any credits. Any sessions left after 2 weeks will be terminated or cannot be transferred into a new membership.   
  • Mom in Balance is entitled to change workout -times/- location/ -programs.
  • The workouts will always take place regardless of rain or wet conditions in the park. However, lessons will be cancelled under extreme weather conditions like thunder storms or haze. Lessons will also be cancelled if 3 or less members signed up for the workout or because of illness of the trainer.
  • Cancellation of the workout will be communicated (by email) not later than one hour before the start of the workout. In case Mom in Balance cancels a workout for the above mentioned reasons, you will always get a possibility to catch up at a different time in that same week.
  • Workouts take place throughout the whole year. Except for national holidays, without fee reduction or refund.
  • If you choose not to take part in the workouts Mom in Balance is offering, no refund will be made. It is possible to catch up the missed workouts on other days to a maximum of 4 workouts. The right to catch up missed workouts expires after ending the subscription.
  • It is possible to catch up missed workouts due to a planned holiday on other days within a period of 3 months. You cannot -temporarily- stop the subscription for holiday reasons (exception for the summer holidays, see below). The right to catch up missed workouts expires after ending the subscription.
  • During the workouts you should follow trainers’ instructions and you should listen to your own body. In case of uncertainties discuss with the trainer whether exercises are suitable for your situation.
  • Payments due by invoice must be fulfilled upfront by means of giro or credit transfer. The payment must be done monthly or quarterly.
  • For credit card payments you agree and acknowledge to authorise Mom in Balance to charge you automatically for your trial session, Flex Card, monthly or quarterly subscription until you cancel your subscription.
  • No Refunds. Payments are nonrefundable and there are no refunds or credits for partially used periods.
  • Mom in Balance is entitled to end the subscription in case of (remaining) unpaid fees. Payment is still required.
  • Mom in Balance is entitled to change subscription fees. You will be noticed with a minimum of 3 months about the fee change.
Cancellation policy 
  • A Pregnant subscription ceases after 3 months with immediate effect only if you send a notice by means of an email to  singapore@mominbalance.com. Without a termination notice of the subscription, the subscription will be extended automatically monthly untill your due date.
  • A Back in Shape subscription ceases after 3 months with immediate effect only if you send a notice by means of an email to singapore@mominbalance.com. Without a termination notice of the Mom in Balance subscription, the subscription will be automatically extended monthly. After 6 months it will be converted into the Mpower subscription automatically.
  • A Mpower subscription ceases after 3 months, with immediate effect, by sending an notice by means of an email to singapore@mominbalance.com. Without a termination notice of the Mom in Balance subscription, the subscription will be extended monthly automatically.
  • You can cancel your membership, after the first three months, by sending an email to singapore@mominbalance.com. There is one month notice period for the Back in Shape and Mpower membership. For the Pregnant workout you can stop any time after the first three months and your subscription will end automatically on your due date.
  • If a cancellation notice is not received, your membership will automatically renew at the end of the membership term.
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