Pregnant Workout
I’m pregnant, when can I start with the workouts?
You can start the moment you find out your pregnant. Most participants start the workouts between 12 and 16 weeks and you can continue to train with us until your due date.
I have problems with my hips/pelvis, can I still participate in the workouts?
You can certainly participate. Be sure to let us know so the trainer can take it into account during the workout. Continuing with movement and building muscle strength is important, particularly when there are complaints. Our program has been developed in close cooperation with pelvic specialists.
I exercise frequently and I’m in pretty good shape, when should I switch to the Pregnancy Workout?
You can best make the switch to the Pregnancy Workout around 16 weeks. Once you have entered the second trimester, you should no longer be actively training your rectus abdominus. Would you like to train more than 1x a week? No problem, we also have a Pregnancy Unlimited membership that allows you to train as many times a week as you would like.
I would like to participate in the Pregnancy Workout but I can only do so for a couple weeks.
That's possible! It is never too late to work on your fitness, and it will work in your benefit during labor. Your membership will continue until your due date. If you wish to end your membership prior to your due date you can contact us at singapore@mominbalance.com or via the contact form on the website. In order to receive the Pregnancy Box (book and a resistance band), your membership must be valid for a minimum of 3 months, otherwise you will be charged separately for the Pregnancy Box. The amount you are charged will depend on how many weeks you participated in the Pregnancy Workout.
Back in Shape Workout
I’ve just given birth, when can I start the workouts?
You can begin the workouts starting from 6 weeks after giving birth, or 8 weeks after Caesarean section. Did you have a difficult childbirth with complications? Check first with your gynecologist before starting the fitness program.
Mpower Workout
The Mpower workout is for all levels. Even when you are not (yet) fit. Our professional trainers advise you which exercises you can and cannot do yet.
It is possible to construct your training at your own level within the Mpower workout. We will motivate you to follow the workouts weekly so that you will feel top-fit again in no-time.
Certainly! The Mpower training sessions are challenging sessions in which you can challenge yourself on your own level. Also, at different training locations we work towards a training goal, such as (ultimately) participating in runs.
In addition to the workouts, you will find home routines and inspiration in the Mom in Balance member App. That way you get more out of your workout! 
What is Mpower?
Mpower is focused on well-educated ambitious and active women who want to be top fit. Women who want to be challenged and who always strive to get the best out of themselves. Mpower is not specifically for young mothers, but for every woman. The focus is on strengthening yourself through sport, both mentally and physically.
Will I keep my credits if I decide to freeze my membership?

With the monthly membership you can save a maximum of 4 credits. After your membership is reactivated, you can use your credits that you have previously saved within a paid membership period.

During this period, you do not have to register yourself for our livestream workouts. Therefore, you also do not have to cancel your normal workouts. 

I would like to start with one of the Workouts, what should I do?
You can sign up on the website. You will receive a confirmation after signing up. We will assign you to the group your prefer and you will receive an email with all the details of the workout (exact meeting location and the name and contact details of the trainer).
Where can I find the Terms and Conditions of Mom in Balance?
You can download and print the Terms and Conditions by clicking on the link or use the link listed at the bottom of every page on this site.
I would like to sign up and I still have my package from the previous time. Do I get a discount?
If you have previously participated in the Pregnant Workout or the Back in Shape Workout, and you still have all the stuff from the package, you will get 1 free lesson as a gift. Please mention this in the comments section if you have previously participated and we will adjust your fee accordingly.
Can I stop my membership during my holiday?

It is not possible to stop your membership during your holiday, for the execption of Summer holiday. During summer period from beginning of July till end of August you could freeze your membership if you are away on holiday. Your pause should always be announced upfront and via e-mail and is always with a maximum of 4 weeks. If you decide to stop the membership over the holiday break there is also the regular one month notice period. In other cases you can make up your missed classes within the period that your membership is active with our credit system (only for monthly plan memberships).

I want to cancel my membership, what should I do?
You can cancel your membership, after the first three months, by sending an email to singapore@mominbalance.com. There is one month notice period for the Back in Shape and Mpower membership. For the Pregnant workout you can stop any time after the first three month and your subscription will end automatically on your duedate.
General information
Can I pause or freeze my membership?

Freezing or pausing your membership is possible. Even though we temporarily cannot train outside, we are doing everything possible to keep you fit; especially now! Therefore, you can continue using your membership. Exclusively for our members we offer online workouts via livestream so that you can keep up with your sports routine. Every week there are 14 different workouts that you can join. Furthermore, the Member App has many extra online workouts for at home.

For changes in your membership, the same rules apply as before the Corona measures.

What do I need to bring to the workout?
We recommend bringing a bottle of water and a towel, and of course, a good attitude! We encourage you to bring nothing more. You can leave your valuables (mobile, keys, wallet) with the trainer.
Where can I leave my things during the workout?
The trainers provides a backpack to store keys and cell phones. Water bottles and bags can be set down at the location of the workout.
What should I wear during the workouts?
Comfortably fitting athletic wear and shoes. Don't forget mosquito repellent!
Are the workouts always outside?
Yes! The workouts will go on come rain or come shine. Only in the case of very heavy rain or haze the workout will be cancelled. This will be communicated to you by email at least one hour prior to the start of the workout. By inclement weather always check your email prior to departing for the workout. If your workout is canceled, you may make it up on another day. 
Do the workouts take place even when it rains?

Yes! The workouts will go on come rain or come shine. Only in the case of very heavy rain, thunder or haze the workout will be cancelled. This will be communicated to you by email at least one hour prior to the start of the workout. By inclement weather always check your email prior to departing for the workout. If your workout is canceled, you can make it up on another day.

It is really hot outside, is the workout still going on?

Yes, the workouts will always take place regardless of weather conditions. An exception applies for extreme weather conditions (e.g. thunder storms, haze).  In such the workout can be cancelled. 

Concerning the heat make sure you wear the right clothes and bring sufficient water!

I am really out of shape, can I still participate?
Of course you can join! The Mom in Balance Fitness Program is suitable for all fitness levels. The trainer ensures correct differentiation within the group. Are you still unsure? Then sign up for a trial lesson and decide for yourself whether you like it or not (which we cannot imagine!).
It’s been a few months since I gave birth, which workout is suitable for me?
We recommend doing the Back in Shape Workout for at least three months prior to moving up to the Mom in Shape Workout. If you are exceptionally fit and would like to move up more quickly, please discuss this with your trainer.
Are there workouts on national holidays?
The workouts take place year-round, with the exception of national holidays. There will be no refund or fee reduction given for these dates but the workouts can be made up at any time.