Virtual Scenery Run in Utrecht

Virtual Scenery Run in Utrecht


Run (or walk) your chosen distance in the most scenic area possible! 

You don't have to be a pro to participate in this run. There are four different distances for which you can register, so that there is a challenge for everyone. If running is not your thing, it is also possible to walk the distance you registered for. The only important thing is that you run or walk your distance in the most scenic surrounding possible! You can run the distance the whole month of October so you can choose a suitable time yourself. 

You’ll receive a certificate in your email after uploading your results with your personal time. When you choose for an upgrade with the prize package, you will receive a medal and a customized plasticized certificate with your own photo incorporated into it. The price for the prize package is including worldwide shipping. We will send you your certificate and medal after you upload your result and photo. 

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