Mpower workout


Mpower yourself! An intensive workout for ambitious and active women who want to achieve excellent fitness. 

  • Combination of strength and cardio
  • Feel physically and mentally strong 
  • Work on your personal goals
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Mpower workout

Mpower workout

Mpower is an intensive workout that combines challenge, competition and fun, giving body and mind a boost. With professional trainers you work, together with other women on building up your physical and mental power. A good condition, a strong body and a positive mindset: exactly what you need to combine work, family and me-time.

This total body workout is a combination of strength, cardio and high-intensity exercises, which you usually perform in a team to keep motivating yourself. In this way, you can stimulate and challenge each other: who takes that extra step? Every two months, there are new focus blocks during the workout, for example, core or buttocks & legs. Can you break your record?
We challenge you! 

We recommend that you start using Mpower at least five months after giving birth. During the workout, there is always room for your personal needs and wishes.


You can join the Mpower workout for 1x per week or unlimited. Choose your membership:

  • Flexible membership - can be cancelled monthly
  • 12-month membership - can be cancelled monthly after 12 months
  • 18-month membership - can be cancelled monthly after 18 months

Within these memberships you can easily switch to our Pregnant and Back in Shape workouts.

Between the memberships, there is a price advantage, view the rates.

Assure yourself of a sports routine that works!
Research has shown that you need a year to build a sports routine that works for you. The longer you manage to keep up your sports schedule, the easier you keep up, the stronger you become and the more fun you will find in sport. Start exercising and sign up for a 12- or 18-month membership!

Sign up for a 12 or 18-month membership!


  • A good condition, a strong body and a positive mindset
  • Physical and mental power to combine work, family and me-time
  • Frequently new focus blocks, including themes such as mindfulness and yoga
  • A relaxing moment for yourself in the fresh air
  • The motivation to build a sports routine that works for you!
  • A moment to exchange experiences with other inspiring women in your neighbourhood

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