1. Mom in Balance is careful with personal data and follows all applicable laws. This means that personal data collected via the Internet, stored, used or made available in any other form, connected with other data, as well as hidden data, are covered under these laws.

2. To process your trial lesson, subscription or shop order we need personal information such as name, address, date of birth, email address, telephone number and payment details. We make this information available only to parties that are involved in this proces, subscription or purchase. Mom in Balance will not sell this information to third parties. We will, however, use them for our own marketing purposes, even if you're no longer a member.

3. We use cookies, which are small files that are stored on your hard disk by a server and are recognizable only for that server. This allows this server to recognize that you have returned to a specific page on our site. By this cookie no personal information will be recorded. We use cookies to collect information during your visit to our website, such as your IP address. You can select in your browser to refuse cookies or to be notified when cookies are being sent.

4. Mom in Balance uses your email address to inform you about developments relating to our product offerings, the newsletter and surveys. If you no longer appreciate this, you can unsubscribe on the website website or in the mails directly or by sending an email to

5. Mom in Balance ensures proper organizational, technical and physical security of your data.

6. You can always retrieve your personal information with us and this can always be corrected if necessary. You can send an email for this to, or write to Mom in Balance, Wagenweg 146, 2012 NK Haarlem, Netherlands.

7. Mom in Balance may amend this Privacy Policy at any time, you will always find the latest version on the website.

Details locations

Mom in Balance BV

Wagenweg 146-150

2012 NK Haarlem

KVK: 60322799

BTW: 853858056B01


Mom in Balance Den Bosch

Celebesstraat 7

5215VA Den Bosch

KVK: 55217850

BTW: 149850888B01


Mom in Balance Het Gooi

Papaverstraat 14

1402 CW Bussum

KVK: 55775349

BTW: 148609570


Mom in Balance regio Breda

Groenlingstraat 18

4815 AX Breda

KVK: 56525885



Mom in Balance Alkmaar

Visweg 47

1906 CP Limmen

KVK: 58029885



Mom in Balance Zeist

Wilhelminalaan 69

3701 BH Zeist

KVK: 57048827



Mom in Balance regio Tilburg

Galjoenstraat 14

5017 CN Tilburg

KVK: 17251283



Mom in Balance Hoofddorp Duin & Bollenstreek

Irissenstraat 4

2161 XJ Lisse

KVK: 64904121



Mom in Balance regio Amersfoort

Schellingwoudegracht 12

3826CM Amersfoort

KVK: 57546487



Mom in Balance Arnhem

De dam 7

6673AE Andelst

KVK: 9146716

BTW:164877951 b01


Mom in Balance Delft en Ypenburg

Parkweg 356

2271 BK Voorburg

KVK: 27250598


Mom in Balance Leiden

Hooglandse Kerkgracht 22

2312 HT Leiden

KVK: 58243755



Mom in Balance Eindhoven

Roerstraat 105

5626 DS Eindhoven

KVK: 17237767



Mom in Balance regio Almere

Rozenwerf 27

1355 AC Almere

KVK: 59268247



Mom in Balance regio Groningen

Zuurstukken 20

9761 KN Eelde

KVK: 59619031



Mom in Balance regio Nijmegen

Ruiterskamp 10

6662TH Elst

KVK: 56195885



Mom in Balance  Zaanstreek-Waterland

Igor Strawinskystraat 7

1544MC Zaandijk

KVK: 60049871



Mom in Balance Zwolle

Brederostraat 73

8023 AP Zwolle

KVK: 62007823



Mom in Balance Friesland

Groendijksterzijl 2

8604EV Sneek

KVK: 62286412


Mom in Balance regio Woerden

Wilhelminaweg 7

3441 XB Woerden

KVK: 64076946



Mom in Balance Enschede

Erve zeggelt 7

7514 HA Enschede

KVK: 64904121



Mom in Balance regio Maastricht

Mergelweg 10

6212 XH Maastricht

KVK: 64919412

BTW: 184722172B01

Mom in Balance West-Frielsand

Koningspade 6

1718 ML Hoogwoud

KVK: 67593852

BTW: 190880806B01