What does selfcare mean to you?

What does selfcare mean to you?

Selfcare literally means taking care of yourself. The best way to do this can differ for each person. Meditating, running or gardening doesn’t work the same for everyone. That’s why we asked our Mom in Balance team what selfcare means for them. Read the story of Larisa, location manager of Friesland and a mother of two: Morris (2004) and Silvan (2006).

For me selfcare is listening to my intuition and gut feeling which results in doing what feels good to me.

For years I was constantly busy with getting stuff done in the outside world, that I forgot about my inside world. I was living my life how I thought I was expected to do so and what was best or the wisest. Therefore, I wasn’t listening to my own feelings enough.

The moment this became clear to me, I started wondering what would make me happy in life and what I need to be at my best. Soon I found out that I want to discover new things and want to get to know new people. This gives you energy! 

By living from my own feelings, I decide all the steps myself. I live my own life instead of being lived. That’s why selfcare to me is listening to my intuition and gut feeling, so that I make my own choices and do what feels right for me. Therefore I’m at my best and can offer my environment so much more. 

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