Mindfulness, a term widely used today, but what does mindfulness actually mean and how do you apply it? In this blog, we tell you more about this subject and help you find out how mindful you are with the help of a few questions.

What does being mindful mean?
To be mindful means that you are consciously doing what you are doing and not busy with all kinds of thoughts and to-do's in your head in the meantime. For example, try drinking your tea or coffee and only focusing your attention on this. This may sound easy, but this can be quite a challenge. In fact, our attention is constantly drawn, by outside stimuli, but more often by our own thoughts. 

Can you learn mindfulness?
Mindfulness is a skill that you can learn just like playing sports or practicing an instrument. The more often you practice this, the better you will become at it. 

Research shows that we are a lot happier when we are more mindful of the present moment. For example, several scientific studies have shown that people who regularly practice mindfulness: 

  • Experience less stress and enjoy the little things in life more
  • Have less trouble with hormones and endless thoughts
  • Plug energy leaks and are more resilient than before

The self-check list!
To help you a bit and introduce you to mindfulness, we have a short self-check list with three questions for you.

These questions help you check in with yourself; become more clear of how you really feel and what you need. This can help you enjoy the small moments more. This way, you escape the hustle and bustle of daily life and stand still for a moment, being in the present, right here and now. 

Ready? Answer for yourself the next three questions:

  • What do I think right now? (i.e. nice song, what a sweet child)
  • How does this feel in my body? (smiling, relaxing)
  • Which mood does this put me in? (relaxed, happy, simply fine)

How did it go? Don’t be too hard on yourself! You don’t learn mindfulness in one day, so it’s okay if it didn’t work out yet or if you don’t know how you feel. Keep doing this self-check regularly, you'll see that it gets easier every time.

Let’s be mindful together!

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