From the moment the alarm goes off in the morning, you do a lot on autopilot. But did you know that with a good morning routine you start the day more positively and productively? We will give you 6 tips!
  1. STOP SNOOZING Those extra few minutes in bed seem like a great idea, but before you know it you have to hurry and your day starts with morning stress.

  2. AVOID THE INTERNET Do you also use your telephone as an alarm clock? Buy an alarm clock or set a goal: no internet in the morning. Start your day without all those stimuli (social media, emails and messages) from your phone.

  3. MOVE Movement is a scientifically proven way to activate your brain and body for the rest of the day. The substances that are released have a long-term effect on your energy level and thus your productivity. Check out the Member App for home routines.

  4. BE REALISTIC We all have that to do list (work and private), be realistic about what you can do in a day. Create breathing space and less stress by rescheduling things that can wait a day.

  5. TAKE TIME FOR BREAKFAST It's the convenient meal of the day. This way you already get a lot of nutrients, minerals and energy that you need to get through the day. Little time in the morning? Make your breakfast the night before!

  6. THINK POSITIVELY In the morning, express two of three positive thoughts. It helps you to start the day relaxed and to look at positive things.


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