Sport & Food

Sport & Food

We know that working out regularly results in having more energy. However, did you know that your nutrition around these workouts have a large influence on your energy level? What is best to eat right before and after your workout?

Do you exercise immediately in the morning? If so, it might be a good idea to eat a bigger meal, with extra whole grain carbohydrates, the night before. This way you build some extra energy for the next morning and you can start your workout without eating or by eating something small (like fruit or a smoothie). Go for a large breakfast with enough proteins after your workout.

Do you exercise in the afternoon / beginning of the evening? You’re not going to make it with two crackers and an apple for lunch. Make sure you eat quite a large lunch with all the beneficial food groups (carbohydrates, protein and fats), a salad with legumes, avocado and fish for example. Take a protein snack 1 hour before exercising and eat some more protein with your dinner.

Do you exercise in the evening? Eat a little earlier than you normally would and make sure it is not too heavy (think about: vegetables and grains that give you energy). After your training you can take a nutritious snack. Or turn things around and take a shake before your workout and eat a normal meal after!

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