How to keep your resolutions

How to keep your resolutions

For many people, a new year means a fresh start. A good time to finally become (and stay) the best version of yourself. But how do you keep your resolutions and make sure you don't have the same ones next year?

We're happy to share our tips:

  • Make your goals measurable, realistic and manageable.
  • Focus on one, at most two, resolutions at a time. Don't make it too hard on yourself.
  • Tell friends and family about your resolutions. They can help you to stick to your goal.
  • Celebrate every little success that brings you closer to your goal!
  • Do not be too hard on yourself. If it does not work one day, pick it up again the next day. Do not let it get you


Are you looking for inspiration for your 2022 resolutions? These are the six most common resolutions:

  • Exercise more
    Drink less alcohol
  • Eat healthier
  • Spend more time with family and friends
  • More me-time
  • Live more sustainably
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