to reflect on your own balance between work, family and yourself. How do you ensure that you feel that you have enough time and attention for everything? Esther gives you tips!

Mom in Balance stands for women who want to feel physically strong and full of energy, in all phases of motherhood! For many women it remains a big challenge: running a family, working hard and also finding time to recharge. Especially now that we all work from home, a lot is required of you and it can be quite a challenge to think carefully about how you can best tackle everything. 

Founder of Mom in Balance, Esther van Diepen, knows all about this as an entrepreneur, coach and mother of four children. After running the Mom in Balance Singapore location for 1.5 years, she has returned to the Netherlands.

How can you ensure that you also have the feeling that you have enough time and attention for everything in this phase? Esther gives you tips! 

'In all the conversations I had with mothers and from the experiences I have had in recent years, the same themes keep coming back. The main challenge remains at the base: how do you find a good balance between work and private life, between motherhood, career, partner, friends and, last but not least: yourself? I am convinced that you feel much better about yourself if the basis is good. And that basis is you. In addition to taking care of your family, it is very important that you do not forget yourself and stay close to yourself. '

As a mother of four, I know how wonderful motherhood is. But I also know that it is hard work. Our first daughter was born in 2005, after which we moved almost immediately with our family to New York. I received a degree in Life Coaching from New York University and a personal training course at the American College of Sports Medicine. I was so inspired by the bustling city and the (pregnant) women who energetically jogged their laps in Central Park that I decided to set up a company that would pass on my passion for sports and balance to as many women as possible: that became Mom in Balance ! At Mom in Balance, I have been meeting and training women for more than ten years, who, just like you, are in the middle of that busy period: being pregnant, followed by a period of less sleep, and now there are children asking for attention. And on top of that often also having a busy job. You are looking for a new balance and wondering how you can get it all done: work, family and also have time for yourself. '

'Time to reflect and think about what is important to you and what gives you energy. Time to reflect on the great plans you once had or want to make. And time to actually take action for that. I wrote the book Power Mom in which I describe three pillars that provide a strong foundation to flourish in both your career and your family as a mother and partner. Power Mom is a book that you don't read all at once, but pick it up every time you notice that it's time to think about yourself. '

By building a sports’ routine, finding a balance in nutrition that gives you energy, and scheduling time to recharge and relax, you will be able to handle a lot more and you will be able to maintain your energy, to make better choices and to be the best version of yourself every day. I would love to work together with you to find what will work for you so that you know what your personal motivation is to get started with yourself and to be stronger, healthier and more rested every day. With the aim that you have the energy to properly combine your ambitions and family life and to enjoy this time. ' 

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