RECIPE: Zucchini carrot omelette RECIPE: Zucchini carrot omelette
Can you use some lunch inspiration? Alternate bread and salads with this zucchini carrot omelette. This omelette can be eaten hot or cold. Prepare this dish the night before so that you can take it the next day in your lunch box to work or school. Also great for a picnic.
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Founder Esther Moved to Singapore! Founder Esther Moved to Singapore!
What would you do if a challenge you waited for so long arises, but in Singapore? Founder of Mom in Balance and SHE Performance, Esther van Diepen, didn’t have to think long about this. In the middle of her sabbatical, she had the opportunity to run her own Mom in Balance location in Singapore and further expand the network of women in Asia and Australia. Together with her husband and four children, she embarks on a whole new adventure. Why? You can read that here!
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